Annual General Meeting

Lodge Polmont No 793 held its Annual General Meeting last Wednesday (12th November) where the Secretary and the Treasurer presented their annual reports and accounts.  At the conclusion of that business the members and visitors present witnessed RWM, Bro. John Curry, and his team in an excellent  rendering of the Second Degree as it is worked in Lodge Polmont.  There were visiting brethren from six sister lodges present at the meeting and those visitors were given a warm welcome and asked to convey fraternal greetings on return to their own lodges.  The RWM of Lodge Camelon No 1456, Bro. John Merrilees, replied on behalf of the visitors.  Before closing the Lodge, the RWM expressed his thanks to all who had helped and supported him during his two years as Master of the Lodge.
The next Regular Meeting of the Lodge will be on Wednesday 26th November at   7.00 pm.  Business will be minutes, accounts and the Installation of the RWM-Elect, Bro. Allan Simpson, and his Office Bearers.   The Festival of St Andrew (the Lodge Installation Dinner) will be celebrated on Friday 5th December (Tickets priced £10).  This will be a good evening of friendship and harmony and a good turnout of brethren and visitors is requested.  All members and visiting brethren will receive a warm welcome on both occasions. 

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