50 Years Certificates

At a regular First Degree on Wednesday 14th January 2015 Brothers George Robertson and Nat Boslem were presented with their 50 years certificate by RWM Allan Simpson. George and Nat also received warm congratulations from RWPGM Brother Andrew A. McKinnon.
George Robertson was Initiated 12th February 1964 when George Pringle was in the chair, passed 2 weeks later on the 26th and Raised on 18th March. At that time he was an Apprentice Engineer
living in Forgie Crescent, Maddiston. He was proposed by John Robertson ( uncle) and seconded by Alexander Fraser who was Lodge Secretary. Initiated, Passed and Raised along with his late brother-in-law – John Fairweather. Had a few house moves since then but now living in Polmont.
George Pringle was also in the Chair when Nat was initiated on 8th April 1964.  he then had to wait till after the summer recess before being Passed and Raised in September. At that time he was living in Redding and proposed by Alex Fraser the Secretary and seconded by Innes Gray who would go on to be RWM eight years later. Nat always been a real regular attender, always occupying the same seat close to the Bro. Inner Guard and usually right behind the late Gus Cameron. That on its own is worthy of a certificate -never mind the 50 years. So here we are 50 years on,  his son is Lodge Treasurer and Nat is still in the same seat.
At a regular Third Degree on Wednesday 9th April 2014 Brother James W. Bennie was presented with his 50 years certificate by RWM John Curry. Brother Bennie also received warm congratulations from WPGM Depute Brother Alistair Marshall who was leading a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire on their annual visit to Lodge Polmont.