Once you turn in a petition to join the lodge, you will be asked to meet with several brothers from the lodge who interview all prospective members. This interview customarily involves a visit to the lodge you will be joining and is called an ‘Enquiry Meeting ‘. Their job is to see that you are indeed a man of good character and reputation, that you meet all the qualifications for membership, and that your expectations are realistic. After the interview, they will report back to the lodge and a vote will be taken on your petition.

Because our lodge only meets twice a month, it may take a month or two from the time you complete the petition to the time you are invited to lodge to start your first degree in Freemasonry. After your first meeting, you will be a 1st Degree or Entered Apprentice Freemason and entitled to attend other Entered Apprentice meetings and most if not all lodge social and charitable functions. Next, you will progress on to the 2nd Degree after which you will be a ‘Fellow Craft’. The process will repeat until you are ready to become a Master Mason, the third and last degree in the Lodge.

During each stage, you will learn more about the mysteries, history, and philosophy of the Fraternity. You will also get to know the other members of the lodge, and hopefully, begin new friendships that will last a lifetime. . After a man completes his initiatory journey and becomes a Master Mason, he will be entitled to participate in all the activities of the lodge, social, charitable, and fraternal.